Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Last Poem Regarding You

I wish you were a bad B movie that I could’ve just turned off.
Truth be told, even if you were, I would’ve still stuck around
For a while longer.
Everyone waits for the ending.
There are no truths when we are in love
Trust me I’ve searched.
Tell me,
What were your plans Oh dear lover?
Be honest.
I promise you I won’t cry,
I promise.
I won’t be mad that you didn’t love me,
I won’t be mad that I allowed myself to feel for you,
It’s my fault really.
I let my guard down and boy was there a stampede waiting to run me over.
I promised you I wouldn’t cry,
I promise you that I will try not to.
You should know,
I never completely discarded the pieces of my heart you broke.
Pitiful I know,
They lead a path somewhere,
Hopefully somewhere that has solace waiting for the broken hearted.
For people like me.
I promised you I wouldn’t cry.
.. I guess that makes us both liars.